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Celtic Bookmark Fiona with her Craft Stall During the mid-1980's I began to extend my calligraphy skills to the decorated design of self-made cards, gift tags, bookmarks and other items for sale at local events.

Then in the early 1990's I started to produce celtic designs on practical wooden objects. Many of the items are made with the help of my husband Chris Flynn, who is a fine woodturner.

Under the marketing name of "Tigon Crafts" we now produce celtic wind-chimes, platters, bowls, clock stands etc. as well as individual gift tags, cards and postcards. We sell to a range of craft shops from Scotland to Cornwall, but also sell directly to the public on occasional dates at craft fairs and other events.

Hand-drawn designs on wooden items.
Hand-drawn designs on wooden items

The smaller photographs show some of the artifacts that I decorate by hand. The trinket boxes are imported for decorating here, but all of the larger items (bowls, plates, wind chimes etc.) are created by my husband Chris.

Bowl for a 50th Birthday Upon request I can also create and decorate craft items for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Here for example is a wooden deep bowl of 20cm. diameter, made from English Elm, and individually inscribed with Celtic motifs for a 50th birthday in 2002. enlargement (71k).

Crafts Catalogue A complete range of examples can be seen in our TIGON CRAFTS CATALOGUE, an A5-sized booklet containing 32 fully illustrated pages. The artwork samples include calligraphy and signwriting commissions, and further craft products for sale include wooden photo frames, letter racks, incense and candlestick holders.

The calatogue is available from our contact address for 1.50 GBP (including 50p postage-&-packing) or can be obtained directly from us at any of our fairs and exhibitions.

Fiona Graham-Flynn - Scribe June 2002


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