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Personalised Wedding Stationery

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Although I execute many different kinds of calligraphy and illumination work, I specialise more and more nowadays in creating personalised wedding stationery commissioned by engaged couples and marriage partners:

  • Save-The-Date Cards
  • Handwritten Invitations
  • Table Plans / Seating Diagrams
  • Themed Table Cards
  • Individual Place Cards
  • Order Of Service Booklets
  • Wedding Breakfast Menus
  • Thank-You Cards
  • Wedding Album Front Page Inserts
  • Marriage Commemoration Plaques
  • Wedding stationery can be personalised in two main ways - a commercially printed range can have individual names added in a fine hand; or stationery can be designed and reproduced on a particular theme, with for example decorated invitations and order of service booklets, reception menus, table plans and guest place cards.

    Photo Album Page
    Photo Album Page, 1986.
    Details handwritten.
    Size 27x24.5cm. More.
    Invitation, 1991.
    All handwritten.
    Size 4x6in.
    Printed Invitation
    Printed Invitation, 1994.
    Guestname handwritten.
    Size 18.5x18.5in. More.

    Since the mid-1980s I have been commissioned on many occasions to provide completed wedding stationery of each kind. Below are just a few examples of past work. If you are planning a wedding in the near future, enquire about adding an extra individual touch to your stationery!

    Fiona with a Table Plan
    Fiona with a Table Plan, 1990.
    Size 1mx0.6m. More about.
    Dedication - Paul2Petra
    Wedding Commemoration, 1999.
    Size 24x32cm.
    Marriage Plaque, Irish design, 2002.
    Size 24x32cm. Full Image (99k)

    Here below is a letter of my own design that combines wedding stationery details with a particular Black Letter Gothic calligraphy and illumination style, created as a leaflet for an information pack in 2002. It provides a good summary of the wedding stationery services I offer.

    For Your Wedding Stationery

    Nowadays a complete range of ideas can be seen through my website and Weddings Catalogue 2007 also in my WEDDING STATIONERY CATALOGUE, an A5-sized booklet (cover shown, right) of 8 pages containing sample scripts and example colour reproductions of handwritten invitations, table plans, wedding breakfast menus and other stationery items available for prospective couples. The catalogue is available by request upon contact or may be obtained directly from me at any of my fairs and exhibitions.

    Ultimately, whatever you wish for your wedding, large or small, I will be happy to help supply that extra-special personal decorative touch.

    Fiona Graham-Flynn (Scribe)


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