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Showing detailed examples of calligraphy and wedding stationery commissions, craft product creations and other artwork from earlier years, including a 128-page multi-project calligraphy book which I authored in 2008.

Fiona Graham-Flynn - Scribe

If (Kipling) poem - August 2008 Kipling's Poem "If" - Nov 2008
Full text of Rudyard Kipling's highly inspiring 1895 poem titled "If", (Enlarge: 673kb), written in Carolingian script, with an illuminated "I" majiscule (i.e. capital letter) surrounded by blue gouache and bordered with gold leaf, and a left-column vine decoration with multicoloured If (Kipling) poem - detail - August 2008 gouache leaves. The vine branches also extend to decorate the breaks between the four verses of the poem. Executed on mounted card, and photographed prior to framing for a commission client. (Enlarge detail: 563kb).

Book Cover The Simple Art Of Celtic Calligraphy - published September 2008
A new self-teaching calligraphy book (my fourth!) for beginners and intermediate students, detailing 20 varied projects worked on different mediums such as paper, wood, slate, stone and fabric. Each is described in a step-by-step process with colour illustrations.

The book also demonstrates four Celtic scripts - Uncials, Irish Half Uncials, Square Capitals taken from Ireland's famous Book of Kells and a Cursive Capital script from Northumberland's Lindisfarne Gospel. Photographs show how to start by ruling up a stave, how to use double pencils and how to form each individual letter. Common errors are also illustrated so the student can learn to correct any early mistakes (something especially useful for beginners). Celtic design templates at the end of the book make it easy to apply alternative designs to each project as well. 128 pages (in colour thoughout).

Book Page
Book inner page:
"Half-Uncial" script
lettering guide
Book Page
Book inner page:
project detail
Book Page
Book inner page:
"Chinese Proverb"
project detail

Bible Verse - December 2007 Paired Bible Verses - December 2007
Two more commissioned Bible passages, this time from the New International version: "He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea" (Job 9:v8) with slight Celtic decoration and an end-piece boat illumination (see left - Enlarge: 62kb), paired with the verse "And we know that in all things ... according to his purpose" Bible Verse - December 2007 (Romans 8:v28) which differs by incorporating four end-line illuminations (right - Enlarge: 74kb). Both are composed of Celtic Uncials and also illuminated with traditional letter infill in gouache (where again the first piece differs by utilising letter infill to a far greater extent).

Bible Verse - November 2007 Bible Verse - November 2007
A decorative piece composed of a short passage from the 'King James' version of the Bible: "In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths" (Proverbs 3:v6). Celtic Uncial lettering executed on stout display Bible Verse - November 2007 card, illuminated with symbolic motifs and with a partially goldleaf-infilled knotwork surround (left - Enlarge: 89kb). The shine of the gold illuminated capital letter "I" is visible in the right-hand image (Enlarge: 86kb).

Alpine Table Card - July 2006 Alpine-Themed Wedding Table Cards - July 2007
Table cards commissioned by a bride whose husband-to-be was a mountaineer. The place tables for the wedding banquet were named after different alpine peaks. Those shown here are of Finsteraarhorn (left - Enlarge: 45kb). Alpine Table Card - July 2006 and Zinalrothorn (right - Enlarge: 45kb). Lettering executed in Gothic script with added pen and ink sketch illustrations in black line, based on photographs received. A page about table cards shows a third (Dufourspitze) sketch.

Crest - Apr 2007 Bridal Initials / College Crest - April 2007
Two recent "crests" for different clients. The first is a work on parchment commissioned by a bridegroom's mother for the engaged couple's wedding day, displaying the couple's marriage initials (J&S. L.) executed in Italic (ie. Italian) Challinor Flyleaf - detail - Feb 2007 16th-17th century script finished with gilding and decoration. (Enlarge: 32kb). The second is a display on card (size A5) made for a religious college and depicting the college name, shield and motto executed in Uncial (7th-8th century) script with Celtic Knot corner decoration and single colour gouache finish. (Enlarge: 37kb).

Challinor Flyleaf Design - Feb 2007 Business Stationery - February 2007
A piece commissioned by a Devon manufacturer of medieval-style Wendy Houses for children. The client requested a surname decoration for use on business stationery. Based on a medieval illuminated design and executed in gothic script on 10"x8" card, Challinor Flyleaf - detail - Feb 2007 with raised and flat gilding (i.e. gold leaf) plus gouache infill and vine leaf surround. (Enlarge: 59kb). The second image shows the gilded and illuminated capital letter in more detail. (Enlarge: 104kb).


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