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Tigon Crafts - The website of Fiona Graham-Flynn, a gifted British calligrapher, illuminator and craftswoman. Expert in many handwriting styles, she specialises in decorated calligraphy for wedding stationery.

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Useful Links

Here are some other websites of related interest. Please contact me if you have a similar website that you wish me to consider for inclusion.

Below: Calligraphy Societies (UK/US) | Heraldry | UK Museums/Galleries | Art/Artists (Celtic/Religious/Other) | Wedding Directories/Services | Other Gen.Interest

Note: Tigon Crafts is not responsible for the actual content of any external websites listed below.


Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society. The C.L.A.S. website has sections on courses, qualifications, even their own Edge magazine.

Society of Scribes and Illuminators. The S.S.I. was founded in 1921 with the aim of advancing the crafts of writing and illumination.


Association for the Calligraphic Arts. Supports the calligraphic community in the USA. Has sections on membership and education. An exhibitions area is also worth visiting.


The College of Arms. Official repository of the coats of arms and pedigrees of English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Commonwealth families and their descendants. Its records also include official copies of the records of Ulster King of Arms, the originals of which remain in Dublin.


Aberdeen University Library. A poor archive homepage (2002) for a general account of writing and illumination of manuscripts, psalters and related books of private devotions, but links to online versions of two of their pre-eminent medieval manuscripts, the 13th century Aberdeen Bestiary and the 15th century Burnet Psalter. Also images from the St.Albans Psalter.

Bede's World. The museum of early medieval Nurthumbria at Jarrow. Sadly has minimal info (2005) about the Venerable Bede (AD 673-735), author of the Ecclesiastical History Of The English People.

British Library. Home of some of the western world's greatest illuminated manuscripts. View their treasures section in particular.

V&A National Art Library. Celebrating the art of the book, with important calligraphic material from the start of the 20th century as well as work from the William Morris period. Part of the Victoria & Albert Museum, whose word & image collections are extensive.


Alexander & Euphemia Ritchie. Site dedicated to the memory of the Ritchies, who created celtic silverwork on the isle of Iona in the early 20th Century. Also has detailed information about Iona.

Celtic Heart. The "information" section of an American community ISP, it has links to subsections for an Encylopaedia of Celts, Celtic music, modern writers and various historic manuscripts and texts, etc.

Enluminures Celtes. French website of Gilles Herrier, celtic calligrapher and illuminator with magnificent and inspirational work on display, including artistically styled family trees.


St. John's Bible. 1998 project commissioned by Benedictine monks of St.John's Abbey and St.John's University, Minnesota USA to create a handwritten, illuminated bible for the first time in over 500 years. Team in Monmouth, UK, led by Donald Jackson, the official scribe to Queen Elizabeth II, is expected to finish the $3 million project in 2004.

M. Moleiro - The Art Of Perfection. Barcelona publisher Manuel Moleiro goes to amazing lengths to reproduce limited edition quasi-originals of illuminated manuscripts such as the St. Louis Bible and the Gulbenkian Apocalypse. The fully illustrated site also carries international press reviews (a Times article for example).

Digital Abbey Library of St. Gallen. Swiss site has high resolution digital images of over 40,000 facsimile pages (electronic codices) from over 100 complete manuscripts, with descriptions and many search options.


The Calligraphy Studio. Anonymous (U.S.?) designer site that includes a Resource Guide - a database of available Internet resources of interest to calligraphers, book illustrators, studio artists and craftspeople alike.

Pen People Magazine. A not-for-profit publication for enthusiastic calligraphers of all levels and abilities, to help and inspire those interested in the art and give a focus for their work. Produced quarterly to subscribers since 2002, it carries news and information, topics to think of penning, book reviews and articles on the work of professionals.

Prose and Letters. Calligraphy and Illumination site of Cari Ferraro, superb U.S. craft artist. Includes selections of her fine art, textile art, cards and handmade books.

WEDDING DIRECTORIES: Aims to be one of the largest online directories of wedding industry services in the UK. Search by county, nationwide.


Favours and Things. Corinne Duck of Yateley, Hants supplies finishing touches for weddings in the form of decorated bridal favours: rose petals, table confetti, car ribbons, single use cameras etc.

Gretna Green. A world-famous wedding venue in an idyllic countryside setting. The Forge allows you to have your wedding, accommodation and reception all in one beautiful venue.


Ambrose Cottage B&B Accomodation. My other business - providing Bed & Breakfast lodgings since Easter 2011 at my Bridport home. Two bedrooms available (double or single), each with modern ensuite facilities, at competitive rates. Discount offered to any student or beginner needing accomodation while attending one of my occasional calligraphy teaching courses.


Bridport Arts Centre. Based in the West Dorset market town of Bridport (where I moved to in 2009), this historic venue for music and arts has a 200-seat theatre and three exhibition spaces, plus a café and bar.

UK Craft Fairs. A good and useful "portal" or directory site for finding out about local craft fairs and crafts people.

More to be added soon...


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