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Due to the range and variety of my work, it seems practical to include a list of all the web-pages online as the site expands, to help new visitors with site navigation.

Homepage - The British celtic art website of calligraphic artist and craftswoman Fiona Graham-Flynn and her small business Tigon Crafts.

About Fiona - Background details of Fiona Graham-Flynn - her early education, experiences and influences.

Calligraphy and Illumination - An introduction to the art of handwritten and decorated lettering, with examples of Fiona's individual design work, embossed work and varying commissions. With links to enlarged images of:

  1. Birth Plaque, Aquarius design, 2001 - 75k
  2. Cross of Enniaun, 2002 - 42k
  3. Guestbook Flyleaf - "Special Occasions", 2002- 37k
  4. Lombardic piece - St.Dunstan (gold illuminated S), 1988 - 27k
  5. Poem, "Being a Dragon is Nice", 2002 - 99k
  6. Poem, "Death Is Nothing At All", 1989 - 154k
  7. Protective Invocation, Celtic Lorica, 1996 - 92k
    Separate sub-pages describe:
  • Illuminated Capital Letters - About traditional majiscule text decoration, illustrated with alphabetical examples.
  • Books Published - Details of publications containing Fiona's textwork, calligraphy and other artwork.
  • Teaching Classes - All about Fiona's occasional course of calligraphy teaching classes.
  • Commissions On Public Display - Details of churches and other locations where examples of Fiona's work are on public display.

Art and Craft Products - A brief introduction to the wide range of hand-decorated wooden items, wind chimes, gift tags, cards and other products created by Fiona and her husband Chris, marketed under the name of Tigon Crafts. With links to enlarged image of:

  1. Deep Bowl, 50th Birthday inscription, English Elm, 2002 - 76k

Personalised Wedding Stationery - An introduction to Fiona's personalised wedding stationery services. Examples of handwritten invitations, table plans etc., with links to enlarged image of:

  1. Marriage Plaque, Irish design, 2002 - 99k

Gallery of Works (Latest) - Illustrating a few of Fiona's most recent calligraphy projects, wedding commissions, new craft products and other artworks. Includes numerous thumbnail images linked to detailed enlargements, and has links to subpages of:

Events (Latest) - Details of current studio open days, craft fairs, calligraphy demonstrations and other events with the participation of Fiona and Tigon Crafts. With links to separate subpages about:

Contact Details - How to get in touch with Fiona Graham-Flynn.

Useful Links - Recommended sites of related interest.

Site Index List - An itemised listing of all pages online at this website.

Thank You sign Enjoy your visit to the site - and do please make contact if you have any enquiries or comments about its contents.

Fiona Graham-Flynn (Scribe)


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